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PE Kit

Navy Aptus polo shirt*  (initialled)** 
Navy blue tracksuit bottoms*
Navy Blue sports shorts* (initialled)**    
Navy sports leggings* 
Navy hockey/football socks with white tops*
Navy blue hoodie with colour crest* (initialled)**  
House Colour T-shirt*   
Large drawstring bag* (initialled)**  
Shin Pads and Mouth Guard
Large blue kit holdall* (initialled)**  
Laced sports trainers and Football boots***
Short white socks

* Items are specific to this school and are only obtainable through the uniform suppliers, Ambition Sport www.ambitionsport.com or Barnums Schoolwear in Herne Bay www.barnumsschoolwear.co.uk

** The polo shirt, shorts, hoodie, and kit bag are required to have your child's initials printed on the front.

*** Not converse, canvas or Nike Air Force.