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Student Code of Conduct


  • Conduct yourself calmly around the school site 
  • Behave and speak within a shared spirit of mutual respect towards all members of the school community 
  • Care for the school environment and not damage, graffiti or litter 
  • Be punctual for registration and lessons, arriving equipped with all appropriate materials 
  • Maintain a positive and receptive attitude, completing all work set 
  • Do not eat or drink during registration, lessons, form periods or in the corridor 
  • Look smart and correctly wear the appropriate uniform 
  • Hand homework in at the time and place designated by the class teacher 
  • Do not bring prohibited and illegal substances, including cigarettes, vapes and alcohol, onto the school site 
  • Remember that school is a safe and secure environment for everyone and ensure everyone is treated with respect 
  • Follow the school mobile phone rules 
  • Ensure that students use their allocated toilets and only one student enters a toilet cubicle at a time. 
  • Do not participate in bullying of any kind or for any reason (including online ‘cyber-bullying’) 
  • Remember that you are a representative of the school, even when you are not on the school site, and uphold the values and expectations of the school in public