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The Mind Lab

Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School launches ‘The Mind Lab'

We are excited to announce the opening of our ground breaking centre for psychological research and enquiry; ‘The Mind Lab’.

Led by Mrs Homerston, Head of Psychology and Director of the Mind Lab and supported by academics from the University of Kent, we believe this to be the first school based centre of its kind in the country, and look forward to carrying out cutting edge research and bringing Psychology to the masses!

All students…

Students from all year groups will engage in academic psychological research and demonstrations into areas such as how students experience positive emotions and what affects peer relations.

A full programme of lectures, delivered by psychologists from various fields, will be open to everyone and our students will contribute articles to our in-house journal, attend Psychology Society meetings and will generally find out much more about the study of Psychology.

A Level and FE programme

Leading academics from the University of Kent will lead a Year 12 research project into the use of mobile phones in schools and Year 13 students will lead presentations, discussions and debate designed to introduce lower-school students to Psychology and take 6th Form students beyond the A Level curriculum.

Mind Lab News

Last summer, Mrs Homerston (Director of The Mind Lab) and Dr Tim Hopthrow (Professor of Psychology at The University of Kent) applied for funding from The Royal Society to support a research project they wanted to run at our school, titled 'Environmentally Minded'. Just before the summer holidays, we were delighted to hear that the application was successful and plans are now underway. 


Mrs Homerston and Dr Hopthrow will work with 6th Form Psychology students to assess whether road signs with a psychological message can encourage drivers to reduce engine idling and therefore improve air quality. This research is exciting and important because previous research suggests that poor air quality has a wide range of negative effects on people's health and cognitive ability, including students' educational outcomes. Students will have the opportunity to plan and facilitate the study using wearable air quality devices to examine air pollutants. They will also be involved in disseminating and publishing the findings.


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