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Home School Agreement

At Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School all members of staff and governors will do all they can to help our students reach their full academic and personal potential.

As well as offering access to a formal curriculum and preparing students for public examinations, we encourage everyone to take part in a wide range of additional opportunities outside the classroom. Research, debates and investigations in science, psychology, technology, languages, the Arts and humanities offer an extension to academic interests and often help students make important choices about future degree courses and careers. Music, sport, conservation, drama and volunteering help to create a purposeful and contented community and students’ participation builds their confidence, self-esteem, empathy and sense of belonging. 

We expect all our students to:

  • attend school regularly, make sure you arrive on time and are always prepared to work; 
  • wear your uniform correctly and with pride; 
  • do all that you can to live up to the school’s expectations for sensible behaviour, reliability and contribution to the community; 
  • complete your work to the standards and deadlines expected by your teachers; 
  • always work to a standard which reflects your best ability; 
  • participate in activities outside the classroom; 
  • help to make Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School the best school it can possibly be

We ask parents and guardians to:

  • encourage your child to attend school, to be punctual and always to be prepared to work hard; 
  • let us know if your child is absent, unwell or if you have concerns about their school life; 
  • provide your child with school uniform and encourage them to wear it to represent the school with pride; 
  • ensure that you understand and support the school’s standards, expectations and policies regarding behaviour, participation and study; 
  • encourage your child to complete their homework regularly; 
  • support us in making Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School the best school it can possibly be 

We will:

  • provide a well-organized and safe environment where learning can take place; 
  • offer a curriculum and additional activities which support your child to move on to the most appropriate next stage of their learning; 
  • set and mark appropriate work and provide feedback to students; 
  • praise effort and progress when deserved; 
  • recognise, understand and address the additional needs of students; 
  • expect the highest standards of work and behaviour; 
  • keep parents informed regularly about progress and any matters of concern; 
  • work to make Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School the best school it can possibly be