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Little Shop of Horrors Production Review

5 May 2023
Written by Mr Hatfield

Little Shop of Horrors Review

I decided to take a risk.

I’d never been to a Langton school theatre performance before but, having worked at the school for almost two years, I figured it was time… and took my wife along too. As it turned out, the risk paid off. Dr Passfield’s directorial debut (at Langton) of Little Shop of Horrors was nothing short of excellent. Hannah Birrell, as a superbly talented Music Director, conducted music from the staff and Sixth Form band, played live, was first rate; the students running front of house and backstage brought energy and smooth support to the performers on stage. The set design, visuals, chorus, ‘Audrey II buds’ and costume were all top quality which created an exceptional platform for the primary cast who did not disappoint.

Polly, Esther, Emmeline, Lucie and Elena played supporting roles that added depth, humour and character. Lucy, Rosie and Perla’s melodic trio captivated the audience with Broadway quality vocals. Sophie was engaging and likeable as Seymour’s would-be-father figure, Mr Mushnik. Your heart went out to the plight of Maria in her charming performance as Audrey (the original). Amy was disturbing and hilarious in equal measure as the sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello DDS, making for an excellent villain.

Finally, the two lead performances. Inca was insatiable and sensational as the man-eating plant, Audrey II delivering the classic “Feed me Seymour” line with devilish conviction. Inca showed incredible professionalism, remaining in character even when she had no lines in the scene, creating a consistent background visage of threat. Her six buds who consume people to feed Audrey II, created a brilliantly sinister impact - even invading the audience in the final number; Alexandra, Suzanne , Kyra, Elise, Ava & Florence.

Finally, Poppy’s performance of the lovable anti-hero Seymour Krelborn was a triumph. Poppy’s effortless delivery of Seymour’s moral dilemmas engaged the audience throughout. She had you rooting for ‘his’ and Audrey’s romance, for Seymour’s success and drove the core plot from start to finish with theatrical aplomb.

Or, to sum it up in the words of the inimitable Mr Pollard in the Staff briefing following the performance, “it was probably the best school production I’ve ever seen.”

Kind Regards, Mr Hatfield

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