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British Physics Olympiad Award

28 Mar 2023
Celebrating Success
Written by Dr Cowell

It is that time of the year where students across the country take part in the British Physics Olympiad. The Olympiad is a problem-solving paper which allows students to test their knowledge and skills against some of the toughest problem-solving questions that they would have come across.

Eight Year 11 students took part in the Intermediate physics Olympiad which approached questions on the topics of energy, electricity, gravity batteries and the scale of the solar system. It was a challenging paper which introduced new topics that the students wouldn’t have studied before, but all approached it with great determination, and we are happy to say that all achieved an award.

BRONZE: Janice and Jannel A, Enara W, Kesia K.

SILVER: Claudia C, Pascale M.

GOLD: Rebecca C, Sophie G.

Six Year 12 students also took part in the Senior Physics Olympiad which kept to the standard paper structure of Kinematics, Forces, mathematical rearrangement, and data analysis. Students found this paper very challenging which is reflected in the average mark across the country being 7-8 marks out of 50. Our students stood up to that challenge and managed to all achieve an award.

BRONZE: Kaiden B, Fynn T, Lorna F, Mary L.


GOLD: Iris H.

A special congratulations to Iris on achieving an outstanding result in the Physics Olympiad and we hope to encourage her to enter the competition in Year 13 with opportunities to compete internationally.

Congratulations to all involved.

Dr J Cowell and the physics department