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Elective programmes are optional and run during lunchtimes:

Pathway to Medics, Dentists, Vets (MDV)@SLGGS

MDV has 100% success rate in securing offers in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine for the last 7 years. Weekly meetings help students prepare for success and the programme runs in parallel to the equally successful Pathway to Healthcare, which has also had 100% success in securing students’ places.

Pathway to Oxbridge@SLGGS

Our very successful specialist support programme for students who wish to apply for highly competitive courses at Oxford and Cambridge. We have a success rate more than twice the national average and increased numbers year on year.

Pathway to the Ivy League@SLGGS

Applying to universities in the US is a highly complex process and we are delighted that our preparation programme has had such good success in securing places including Harvard and the leading design college in the US.

Pathway to Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), to Law, to Engineering@SLGGS

The PPE, Law and Engineering pathways are three of our specialist Pathways to the Professions programmes that run to help students secure places in highly competitive courses. The PPE programme, for example, introduces our students to the study of the great modern works of economic, political and philosophical thought through an innovative series of tutorials and speakers as we help students understand ethical judgements, determine how resources are allocated and evaluate the choices that political systems must regularly make. The Pathway to Law programme harnesses the skills and experiences of judges, barristers, solicitors and legal executives to secure students places in law degrees and degree apprenticeships.

Pathway to Apprenticeship

Securing a place on a degree apprenticeship is tough! The most competitive vacancies in the UK require a specialist approach. This programme has secured students places on degree apprenticeships in Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover and BMW Mini; in Structural Engineering at Blue Consulting, at ITV legal department as a Legal Executive and at PWC as a Tax Accountant – to name a few.

Pathway to the Creative industry – The Big Picture

The Creative programme is a collaborative project for those that are interested in film production or elements within the process and will enable students to see how a short film is produced. Over the year we will look a different phases within the field ranging from development, pre-production, production, post-production to promotion and then distribution.

  • Development – Writing and developing scripts, storyboarding, budgets, film location planning, auditions and casting
  • Preproduction – Round table readings, rehearsal/dress rehearsal, set/prop design
  • Production – Cinematography, sound and sound engineering, hair, makeup and practical effects
  • Post-production – Film editing, music and sound production including the film score, sound effects, over dubbing and original music production
  • Promotion and distribution – Website development, Desktop Publishing (poster design) and promoting the finished film in local film festivals