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Centres of Excellence

Many students enrol in to one of our ‘Centres of Excellence’.

Mind Lab@SLGGS

Our ground breaking centre for psychological research and enquiry opened in 2019 and is the first school based centre of its kind in the country.

TheMindLab@SLGGS has three main aims: to improve students’ understanding of Psychology; to allow students to gain real-world experience of psychological research, and to take students’ learning beyond the confines of the A-Level curriculum. Since then, we have hosted regular careers talks, launched the Psychology Society, given students opportunities to carry out their own research and liaised with academics at universities such as Durham, York, UKC and Sussex to carry out psychological research in school.

Langton Language Centre (LLC)@SLGGS

The Centre aims not only to promote language study by offering classes in Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish and Polish, to name a few, along with an introductory course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, we also believe it is important to improve students’ cultural knowledge of our global neighbours. We have a full and extended part in the IVE programme of lectures in which we have had speakers on ‘The Spanish Civil War’, ‘Picasso’s Guernica’, ‘How women change language’, the ‘Occupation years in France’ and ‘What we can learn from the Cuban revolution’. We have an action project using the language leaders’ programme to explore the relationship with learning languages and memory improvement. Other projects we offer range from sociolinguistics – ‘why do we consider some speech posh?, ‘why do we continue to use latin and other languages in our common speech?’, ‘How is that in Aylesham they have a northern accent?’ - to more wider topics like – comparing the socialist democracies of France and Spain in the 1980s, debating the influence of Spanish politics on the rest of the world, discussing whether Edith Piaf embodies a nation or challenging the idea of leadership through Eva Perón’s role in Argentina.

The LLC is developing all the time and there will be more to come, watch this space. Come and talk to Mr Stalley if you are interested to know more.

Langton Music School

Students who have an interest in singing, playing, conducting or events planning have been involved in music tours from France to Austria, Belgium to the ‘Five Cathedrals in a Day’ tour in England.

There is an abundance of ensembles, choirs, a full orchestra and a Sixth Form Barbershop which means that even those who do not study Music at A Level can continue to pursue their love of music outside the curriculum.