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Religious Studies

Minimum Entry Criteria

Desired: 7 in RS or 7 in English Language

Essential: 6 in RS or 6 in English Language



Outline of the Course

  • Component One – Study of Religion (Christianity): Religious beliefs, values and teachings and how they vary historically and in the contemporary world; key moral principles, beliefs about the self, death and the afterlife; sources of wisdom and authority; significant social and historical developments; practices which shape religious identity; religion and society
  • Component Two – Religion and Ethics: Ethical language and thought; three normative ethical theories; the application of ethical theory to two personal, societal or global issues; how ethical language in the modern era has changed over time
  • Component Three –  Philosophy of Religion: Philosophical arguments for the existence of God; The nature of religious experience; Problem of evil and suffering; Philosophical language; critiques of religious belief


Type of Assessment
Students will sit three 2 hour papers, one on each of the topics (Philosophy, Ethics and Christianity). Within each exam there will be Section A and Section B, students will choose one out of two questions set in section A and one out of three questions set in Section B. Each question set comprises of Part A (20 marks) and Part B (30 marks).
2 hours (per paper)
33.3% of the qualification (per paper)