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Music Technology

Minimum Entry Criteria

Desired: 7 in Music GCSE or Grade 4 (or above) practical as a singer or instrumentalist or Grade 4 theory (or above)



Outline of the Course

Students will create a multitrack recording and a technology based composition. The recording will be completed in our studio using Logic Pro X and the composition will allow you to explore the use of synthesis, sampling/audio manipulation and sound structure.

The listening and analysing exam will assess your knowledge of recording and production techniques for both corrective and creative purposes, the principles of sound and audio technology and the development of recording and production technology. The production exam will assess your knowledge and understanding of editing, mixing and production techniques, by applying them to unfamiliar materials provided by the exam board, as well as principles of audio technology. The majority of lessons will be spent composing or mixing on our iMacs or recording in the studio.


Type of Assessment
Recording: You produce a multi-track recording. Recordings must include vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and drums plus other instruments or your choice.
3-3 ½ minutes
Technology-based composition: Using samples provided by Edexcel, you are to produce a piece in a style of your choice. You will learn how to create, edit and manipulate sounds through synthesis and sampling in Logic X.
3 minutes
Listening & analysing: You will sit an exam listening to unstudied commercial recordings. Questions will test your knowledge of recording and production techniques, principles of sound technology and the development of recording and production technologies.
1 hour 30 minutes
Producing & analysing: You will sit an exam which contains practical elements and written questions. Using audio material provided by the exam board you will have to produce a track following given instructions.
2 hours 15 minutes (plus 10 minutes setting-up time)

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Music Technology Endeavour Task