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Minimum Entry Criteria

Desired: 7 in Music or Grade 5 practical as a singer or instrumentalist and Grade 5 theory



Outline of the Course

  • Component 1: Performing

The purpose of this component is to assess students’ performing skills in a solo and/or ensemble context. You will be given the opportunity to rehearse and refine performances on your chosen instrument or voice, developing technical control, expression and interpretative skills

  • Component 2: Composing

The purpose of this component is to assess students’ skills in composing music. You will learn more of the processes involved in creating music through developing the technical and expressive skills needed by a composer. You will explore a range of compositional starting points, investigate a range of techniques and develop musical ideas

  • Unit 3: Appraising

The purpose of this component is to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of musical elements, contexts and language. Building and gaining the skills for an independent analytical approach you will then be able apply your knowledge and skills to unfamiliar works

Application of knowledge through the context of six areas of study, each with at least two set works.

  • Vocal Music
  • Instrumental Music
  • Music for Film
  • Popular Music and Jazz
  • Fusions
  • New Directions


Type of Assessment
Coursework – Performance: A public solo or ensemble recital of one or more pieces
Min. 8 minutes
Coursework – Composition: Two compositions, one set by the exam board, and one either free composition or also to a brief
Min. 6 minutes
Three questions related to the set works, one short melody/rhythm dictation and two essay questions based on set works and an unfamiliar extract.
2 hours 10 minutes