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Minimum Entry Criteria

Essential: 7 in German



Outline of the Course

  • Component 1: Speaking – This component comprises of 2 parts. The first part is a discussion on a topic chosen by the student. The second part is based on a stimulus card on one of the themes covered at A level and ensuing discussion.
  • Component 2: Listening, reading and translation – Students will be asked to transfer meaning from a number of audio texts and reading texts through multi choice questions, gap filling and question and answer type responses. The translations include translating one text from English to the assessed language and another from the assessed language to English.
  • Component 3: Critical and analytical response in writing – Students will be asked to write two essays based on a text and/or a film which has been studied in class.
  • Components include the following topics: Being a young person in German speaking society, understanding the German speaking world, diversity and difference and the making of modern Germany 1989 onwards.
  • Texts and films – Ich fühl mich so fifty fifty (novel) and Goodbye Lenin (film)


Type of Assessment
Examination: Oral assessment – discussion on chosen topic followed by discussion based on a stimulus card
21-23 minutes
Examination: Listening, reading and translation from target language to English and English to target language
2 hours 30 minutes
Examination: Writing assessment – based on texts or film
2 hours

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German Endeavour Task