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Design Engineering: DT

Minimum Entry Criteria

Desired: 7 in Design Engineering: DT (or portfolio of work if the subject is not studied at GCSE)

Essential: 6 in Design Engineering: DT (or portfolio of work if the subject is not studied at GCSE)



Outline of the Course

This course looks at the design and manufacture of products with creativity and originality, covering a variety of practical activities with a product engineering focus. Students will develop designing and making skills looking at a range of materials, design issues, processes and manufacture and use of computers in design. We take students on a number of trips including workshops in London, furniture factory visits and a trip to see the BMW Mini Plant in Oxford. Our course regularly achieves one of the highest Value Added scores in A Level results at SLGGS and consistently achieves high grades year upon year. Students have access to one of the best equipped school workshops in the country, including a CNC cutter, laser cutter, 3D printers, lathes, sublimation printing etc as well as many, many machines and hand tools.

Year 12

Students develop a range of products across 1 year in the form of a portfolio of design sheets and products such as a portable radio or a piece of conceptual furniture. Students should be able to design creatively, with skills such as drawing, rendering, 3D computer modelling and using technologies such as 3D printing will be taught early on. This allows the students to develop their skills through a variety of different projects, which is assessed internally. There is an internal examination component too based on Paper 1 which assesses core technical, design and making principles.

Year 13

Using the skills learnt in Year 12, students have the opportunity to design anything, so long as it satisfies a chosen need or problem. Past projects have included: a wooden pushbike, electric guitars, chairs, bedside furniture, cots for babies, outdoor loungers designed for disability. Students are taught how to use a wide range of tools and equipment in our very well equipped design rooms. A portfolio of work is developed alongside a product. Paper 1 is assessed in Year 13, as well as Paper 2 which assesses specialist knowledge of technical design and making principles.

Students have gone to study at top universities such as Brunel, Loughborough, Manchester, UCCA, Nottingham and Bournemouth to name but a few, following respected careers such as Architecture, Product Design, Engineering, illustration etc.


Type of Assessment
Examination: Theory based Paper 1
2 hours
Examination: Theory based Paper 2
2 hours
Year 13 Coursework: Major Project (60 hrs)
June – March