Educational Visits

September 2020 DfE guidance on educational visits Covid-19

In line with current Department of Education guidance:  domestic educational day visits are permitted, with thorough risk management for Covid-safe practice.  We will, initially, only be running visits that are linked to examinable courses.  Overnight and overseas visits with children under 18 are not allowed this term.

Safely managed educational visits with distinct outcomes are a vital part of a comprehensive and balanced curriculum. They provide an opportunity to extend the learning of students, including an enhancement of their understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them. They can be a catalyst for improved personal performance, promote a lifetime interest and, in some cases, lead to eventual career choices. 

We encourage all forms of educational visits which fall into three broad categories:

  • Curricular – to reinforce the delivery of the curriculum
  • Supra-curricular – to enrich the academic curriculum beyond the minimum requirements
  • Extra-curricular – activities that fall outside the confines of the normal school curriculum such as sports fixtures, expeditions and cultural visits

As a school we currently use the KCC Evolve system to administer school visits.

New Process

We will be extending our use of the system to include it as our primary means of communicating information to parents and guardians.

There are many advantages of using EVOLVE:

  • It enables parents to be confident that information about potential visits is received immediately it is sent
  • Consent forms can be read, completed and submitted electronically and not lost in school bags
  • Parents will receive a copy of the completed consent form via email
  • It is environmentally-friendly

Should your child be invited to participate in a school visit, you will receive a communication from EVOLVE  which will include full details  on an attachment. This will be a secure encrypted link via the email address you have supplied to the school, and you will be prompted to complete the consent form online. Should you encounter any problems, there is a parent guide on the Evolve website.

The Educational Visits Coordinator at school is Mrs M Challis who can be contacted by email