National Citizen Service

Students in Year 11 have been introduced to NCS this year in assembly, with a large number of students already showing interest and signing up. SLGGS has received a Bronze award for being a Champion School due to the quantity of students that signed up and completed the program in the summer of 2018, it looks like we are on course to improve on that number in the Summer of 2019!

Louise Flynn in Year 12 who completed the program in 2018 said about her experience of NCS:

‘NCS was a great experience for me and one of the best ways that I could have spent my summer. NCS really helped me to develop new skills, especially for the future. The first and most important skill that you learned would be networking with new people, having the confidence to introduce yourself to new people quickly. As a very shy person this was one of the skills I lacked, but coming out of NCS I have become far more confident and keen on meeting new people. The second skill that you learn is to work well in a team. Throughout NCS you have to work with your team to complete tasks. This includes completing challenging team work challenges during your visit to PGL, cooking under a budget in the second week at a University and finally the last 2 weeks where team work is key, trying to organise charity events and raise money. Before NCS I had little experience in team work. Team work is a crucial skill to make you a more desirable and employable person in the future. This is also a great experienced to place on your CV, as it shows you are independent, work well in a team and are organised. Another skill learned during the NCS experience is how to live life at University. During the second week, you undertake lectures about finances, life at university, introductions to lots of charities and activities such as murder mystery and cooking on a budget. During this time, you stay in the student accommodation. This experience for me really helped me get an idea of what it was like being at University and whether it was really the right thing for me. It was a really enjoyable experience for me and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of taking part.’

If any students are interested in finding out more and signing up, please visit or complete a paper copy of the form that is on the NCS notice board in the EDNO building.

ncs award

ncs board