Our Ethos

Since 1881 a Langton education has been built on the pillars of academic excellence, ambition, independence and resilience. Ours is an education growing from the tradition of what came before, but always looking towards the excitement of what lies ahead. Our students are supported to become critical thinkers, be open to the ideas of others and to challenge assumptions. Through both the taught and extended curriculums, innovative teaching and active pastoral care, our students learn how to act with intelligence, creativity and moral integrity.

Our students benefit from exceptional levels of help, support and guidance. We teach them to assume responsibility and to value ambition, innovation and tolerance. Our young women and men develop a passionate commitment to the proud traditions of their school, to their communities and to the wider world. We expect our students to work in professions where they will need to make decisions, influencing the lives of others and building a better future. In short, they are the leaders of today and tomorrow.

The ethos of our school is encapsulated by the values that underpin all we do: the Langton Values.

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