Guidance for Parents

Guiding your child through key decisions making points can be challenging. The government have produced a really good guide that will help you.  Although aimed at female students it contains information about qualifications, career paths, and so on that will be helpful to all.  It is particularly aimed and useful for students approaching Year 9, Year 11 and through the Sixth Form.    

When your daughter or son are considering applying to university it can be a stressful time for parents.  There are two evening events aimed at keeping parents informed.  The first is held in February of Year 12 and is called Future Evening.  It will help guide parents through the process and also includes information on a range of options for the future. The UCAS Guide for Parents covers all aspects of the application process including shortlisting universities, open days and the personal statement.

Apprenticeship Advice

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Careers Advice for Parents

University Application Advice

UCAS Parent Guide

UCAS Parent Guidance

UCAS Preducted Grades Information

Decision Making – how you can help

In their time in school, students have to make decision about their study options that could affect their future. Students are supported through these key transition times with specialist programmes, detailed in the careers programme in this section.  We subscribe to a really useful software tool called Higher Ideas. This can really help students when making decisions and is ideal to support you, as you support them, through these times.

Use Higher Ideas

There are really useful factsheets for 14+, 16+ and 18+ which can be found in the Help and Factsheet section on the right of the homepage which include information about decision making, the range of options, work experience, and so on.

  • On the home page they have the option of exploring their future via:
  • Ideas Generator – put in up to three of their interests – see where their interests could take them in terms of career/future study options
  • A level – Put in up to four A levels – see where that combination could take them in terms of career/future study options


  • explore different sectors – find out about the range of jobs within those sectors.
  • Link to the really useful Careers Gateway website which provides further links to find out more about the types of job, the range of salaries, the opportunities within the sector, and so on.
  • Find out about the type and level of qualifications required for potential future careers



The school has received information from “The Parents’ Guide”, a publication which provides a range of free support for both parents of sixth form students as well as those taking GCSEs.

It includes guides, useful articles, a Q&A system where questions are answered personally.  Live chats and a blog with the latest news are also shared. The Parents’ Guide covers many important issues and as parents we hope that you will find the following shared links helpful.