Free School Meals

If your child is under 19 and in full-time education, you may be able to get free school meals for them. The quickest and easiest way to apply for school meals is to apply online.

Alternatively if can’t apply online, please download and complete the paper application and post it to the address stated on the form.

Please click HERE to apply for Free School Meals online.

The free school amount is £2.60 per day which is the cost of the main meal and pudding. Your child doesn’t have to have the main meal, he/she can use the £2.60 against whatever food they would like. If your child spends more than £2.60 the difference will be charged against his/her cash balance, which you will need to top up through ParentPay. Your child’s account will automatically be credited with £2.60 every day. If he/she doesn’t use the full £2.60 everyday it will be lost as it does not roll over to the next day.

With our new cashless catering system, pupils who receive free school meals are completely anonymous and no other pupils will know. A pupil who receives free school meals scans their thumbprint or uses their 4-digit pin like every other student.

If you have any questions about free school meals please contact the school finance office.