School Food Champions

School Food Champions is a prestigious national scheme, supported by the Department of Education and was launched at the start of this academic year. We were one of only 30 secondary schools in England to have been the first to join the scheme with the aim of improving the average uptake of school lunches by at least 5%. The scheme also aims to improve the diet of our students, their knowledge of where food comes from, their cooking skills and overall food choices.

Head of Food Technology, Mrs Nunns, is our School Food Champion and will be helping to guide our journey to better lunchtime food, more food engagement and more student interaction and say with what’s going on with food across the school.

We are totally committed to ensuring as many students as possible get a healthy, delicious, nutritious school lunch. We will be working to provide excellent nutrition with the meals compliant with the new School Food Standards to ensure they get all the nutrients a growing body needs. Furthermore, we will be making sure that the student suggestions will be included in the menu changes to make sure that lunch will improve their learning.

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