Key Stage 3 Art

Year Group

Areas of Study

7 & 8

Unit 1: The Drawing Project

Unit 2: Portraits

Unit 3: Dada and Surrealism

Unit 4: People and their Environment

Unit 5: Cubism

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Unit 1: Beginnings (larger portfolio project)

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Key Stage 4 Art



Outline of the Course

  • Unit 1a: The Still Life Project
  • Unit 1b: The Sculpture Project
  • Unit 1c: The Book Project
  • Unit 1d: The Portrait Project
  • Unit 2: The Exam Unit
  • Students will produce a portfolio of coursework, gaining confidence in the formal elements, such as colour, tone and line, whilst exploring a diverse range of media and techniques. They will gain greater confidence in their observational drawing skills and will work from diverse themes and concepts, in both two and three –dimensions. Students are encouraged to develop their own sense of visual language, making connections between their own work and that of others and have the chance to respond to artwork on a London gallery visit. They develop greater independence as the course progresses, exploring their ideas in a rigorous and thought provoking way and synthesising their ideas with the work of artists. Students will also create a body of personal work and ideas for the Examination Unit, leading to a final outcome which they will complete during the timed-test.



Type of Assessment




Unit 1a, 1b, 1c – coursework

Unit 1d – coursework

Year 10: Terms 1 – 6
Year 11: Terms 1 & 2



Unit 2 – exam unit

Year 11: Term 3 & 4