Key Stage 3 Art

Year Group

Areas of Study

7 & 8

Unit 1: The Drawing Project

Unit 2: Portraits

Unit 3: Dada and Surrealism

Unit 4: People and their Environment

Unit 5: Cubism

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Unit 1: Beginnings (larger portfolio project)

Mini Option

Key Stage 4 Art

Link to other subjects/degrees/careers:

Fine Art, Graphics and Illustration, Film and Photography, Fashion and Textiles, Theatre Design, Sculpture, Three-Dimensional Design and Ceramics, Advertising and Media, Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Museum or Gallery work.

Skills/competencies developed:

Students will gain a greater critical awareness and understanding of art and design and will be able to use and enjoy working with a range of materials, practices and technologies. They will engage with the work of artists both past and present and learn to express their ideas in a more personal, creative and imaginative way through experimenting with a variety of media in both two and three dimensions.



Unit 1a: Still Life

Unit 1b: Sculpture Unit

Unit 1c - The Book Project

Unit 1d: Portraiture and Self Portrait

*Coursework makes up 60% of the overall grade


Unit 2: The Externally set Assignment (exam unit)

*The exam unit makes up 40% of the overall grade