September Return - Year 12 Message

Dear Year 12, 

I hope that you have all had a lovely summer!  We are very excited to see you all in September when you begin your Sixth Form Journey at SLGGS.  

I am writing to explain a few key details about Thursday 2nd September, which is the first day that you will be in school.  We are testing all consenting students before they return to school, and the testing for your year group starts at 12.30.  The timings are: 

Year 12 


12.30 pm – 1.00 pm 



1.00 pm 



1.00 pm 



1.15 pm 



1.30 pm 



1.45 pm 

Year 12 students will not yet know their forms, therefore, students joining us from other schools should arrive at 12.30 pm. Returning students, should arrive at the relevant time depicted by their surname initial as shown in the table 

If you have not already provided consent on the Office 365 form that was sent out in July, you can do so when you arrive for your timeslot on Thursday 2nd September.  

Please note students over 16 are able to consent for themselves. 

Once the testing for your time slot has been completed, you should go to the Sixth Form Study Area where you can collect your timetable, address any queries regarding options and introduce yourself to both myself and our Pastoral Manager for the Sixth Form, Mrs Bramwell.  

We will also provide you with information about your form groups.  

The first full day in school for Year 12 will be Friday 3rd September.  The school day starts at 8:45am, and you will have the opportunity to meet with your new form groups and tutors and take part in your first Sixth Form lessons!

Please do email us if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing you at the start of term.  

Best wishes, 

Miss Cameron-Fleming 

Just as a reminder, you will need to complete the Summer Assignments and Endeavour Tasks for your chosen A-Level subjects for the beginning of term.  These will need to be handed in to your class teacher in your first lesson.  These can be accessed by clicking HERE  


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