Streetwise Pedestrian Safety Theatre Visit

The Year 7 pupils attended the Streetwise Pedestrian Safety Theatre presentation which was funded by KCC. It was brilliantly put together, the girls engaged quickly and the event carried a very powerful and timely message to the pupils - potential consequences of lapses in concentration and risk-taking behaviour around roads (such as using phones and listening to music, as well as 'messing about' with friends)
The girls will have further time to reflect on the event with specific learning material supplied by the Streetwise team which can be dovetailed into form and mentoring slots by form tutors. Mrs Jull.
Quote from Mrs Frayne, who attended the event.
'A very entertaining and thought provoking drama production which really engaged Year 7 students at a teenager’s level on aspects of risk taking and road safety, particularly in avoiding distractions when using phones and headphones. An excellent follow up with pupils initially debating in pairs, resulting in them being involved in a live debate with the whole year group as their audience. This reinforced both sides of responsibility for road safety from a pedestrian and drivers view point'.