Year 9 Arts Award Students Inspired by Visiting Artists

Year 9 Arts Award Students Inspired by Visiting Artists

‘Last week in our Arts Award sessions, we had the amazing opportunity to learn about jewellery and photography from two practising artists. ‘

Josie Orr 9N

‘We had a photographer called Lesley Davies-Evans come in and speak to us. It was interesting for us to hear about how she got her job and what she studied at university. Lesley is a freelance photographer who has taken photos for adverts in newspapers and magazines. She also teaches at UCA part-time.   I thought her photography was really good because it made normal things appear very abstract. I particularly enjoyed using some of her equipment to experiment with lighting and photographing objects in an unusual way.’

Annie Newcomb 9P

‘Another artist called Amina Kaufmann came to visit us to talk to us about jewellery making. She works from a small studio at home to create her work and makes lots of different types of things. She also works for shops in Canterbury doing stringing for pearl necklaces. She told us that she really enjoyed making special pieces of jewellery for people for occasions like birthdays or weddings. She showed us how to make the necklace she was wearing which was great. It was really interesting to hear about jewellery making from the artists perspective. I thoroughly enjoyed it!’

Katie Orr 9P