Sponsored Walk 2014

This year’s 15km Sponsored Walk will take place on Friday, 26th September 2014 and all pupils are expected to take part. We ask for parents to help and encourage their son/daughter to raise sponsorship in a safe way. All proceeds will be split between the school and a local charity, which is chosen by the students.This year we are supporting SNAAP (Special Needs Advisory & Activities Project), who support families who have children with any additional need or disability living in Canterbury and the coastal area. They are reliant entirely on grants and donations.This is a great opportunity for all students to help their community and we ask you to support them – as in previous years, students will be encouraged to dress up in fancy dress, and the theme for this year will be “Animal Magic”. There will be a tuck shop available about half way round, with lots of items available, including a few treats too!

As parents have already signed a General Consent Form for local trips, which includes the annual Sponsored Walk, we only need the reply slip at the bottom of this letter returned if your son/daughter is unable to participate in the full walk; pupils unable to walk will be fruitfully occupied and supervised by staff in school.  There will also be a short walk for any pupils who wish to participate but are unable to complete the full 15km route due to specific medical/health reasons. 

If you are a taxpayer, we would like to ask you to make your contribution under the Gift Aid Scheme which gives extra income to the chosen charity at no extra cost to yourself.  This means for every £1 donated, the charity can receive up to 28 pence, so the total value of the donation is £1.28.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs J. S. Robinson / Headteacher